2016 is nearing and this isn't a normal new-years-resolution style, get-in-shape-and-fix-my-life blog series i'm starting. more so than most new years seasons, i'm pretty happy with where i'm at - physically especially. but i do have a desire to start writing things down more. i'm approaching 40 and realizing that my memory of things isn't has reliable as it used to be and having things locked in my head limits my sharing possibilities. so, i want to start writing things down more... for myself and for others how might benefit in some way. I'm going to start with a daily journal - brief summary of what i did from an exercise and diet perspective as well as professional and personal perspective.

Monday - Dec 28, 2015:
today is the first day back to work from Christmas. it's that coosh week in between Christmas and New Years where much of the company will be on vacation. i like to work these weeks because I get a LOT done because the noise level is near zero typically. my mom is in town visiting for the holidays. the girls were off to Fox Tots school by 8:10am. amanda and I did the Neightborhood Club Underground session this morning... it's always hard and this morning was no exception. as always I was up at 5am for my pre-exercise rituals. amanda was up at 5:40. session today was:

  • Warm up x2
    • 20 high kicks
    • 20 side lunges
    • 20 jumping jacks
  • 10 minutes - AMRAP (5 rounds... i think)
    • 10 Wallballs
    • 15 DB Thrusters (30lbs)
    • 20 KB Swings (40lbs)
    • 15 KB Skullcrushers (40lbs)
    • 10 Jump Squats
  • Tabata Sequence (30s on/10s off x8)
    • boshu ball fast feet
    • TRX tri-extension/curl
    • wall sits with medicine ball extended
    • ropes
    • DB upright row/bend over row
  • 10 minute WOD - AMRAP (5 and a half... i think)
    • 5 pullups
    • 10 pushups
    • 15 squats
    • sprint the hall and back
  • 6 minutes (30s each) - Ab Sequence
    • butterfly leg lift
    • crunch
    • bicycle
    • left side crunch
    • right side crunch
    • skull crusher

We were back by 7:10. Got the girls off and after shower and breakfast, etc. I started my day at 9.

Diet today was:

  • 5:00am: clif bar
  • 7:45am: Myoplex + banana
  • 10:30am: oatmeal + teaspoon of organic peanut butter + 40g whey
  • 1:45pm: 4 egg beaters + mozzarella cheese + spinach salad
  • 4:00pm: Myoplex
  • 6:30pm: chicken pot pie + brussel sprouts + spinach salad

Professionally today was one of those frustrating days where i had hoped to make major progress on porting some nant stuff to C# and getting some domain/AD OU setup automation knocked out, but didn't get nearly as far as i wanted. i'll probably get up at 5am tomorrow, get an early start at that, and hope for better results tomorrow.

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