Chef Cheats

Chef Cheats

The chef product stack has many many components, so this will likely because a deep and long laundry list.

Knife - Security

Administrating security settings or navigating the chef server security model can be very confusing. Here are some cheats that I use regularly.

Several of these cheats use knife-acl which is a gem not shipped w/ the ChefDK, but provides knife commands into the security model that are vital and not equalled anywhere else. It should be included in the ChefDK, but it’s not, so ensure you have it installed with:

chef gem install knife-acl

View the members of a group

$ knife group show worker
groupname: worker
name:      worker
orgname:   foo

View the permissions on a group

This is the thing that always always trips me up. You create the group by defining it’s name and it’s permissions by object. You would think there’s a way to see the group and the permissions it has per object, but no. You must ‘show’ each object container individually to get an understanding of which group has what permissions

knife acl show containers cookbooks
knife acl show containers policies
knife acl show containers policy_groups

Add group permission

knife acl add group publisher containers policy_groups create

Remove group permissions

knife acl remove group publisher containers policy_groups create